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You should totally make phone cases :3 ur art is wonderful :)

oh geezzzz. thank you! I’m not even sure what I’d put on those cases seeing how I rarely ever do fanart. mmm its a good idea though. haha looking forward to exploring it some time!

haven’t drawn anything in months (year?) click for fullview to avoid compression…
Here’s my FFXIV character, Gucci Gucci. My FFXIV blog is here!

I have a full-time position for someone who is interested in being my web and design assistant at our new corporate office in Downtown LA.

Today I’ve been given more control over my side of the creative department and was requested to be more aggressive ( and urgent ) in the search for an assistant. 

I am a graphic designer for an Aeropostale company and am in need of a secondary designer and/or someone with coding experience to help with web marketing. The job of my assistant will be helping me with things like coding newsletters, website design/maintenance and web promotions. Video editing is not required but is a huge plus. The final decision will be up to my creative director but I will be the one who will have to vouch for you so you may or may not be in good hands. I already have some listings up on job boards but I figured this was a good place to reach out to other artist friends. 

Please hit me up with any questions or resumes to:



i never really post doodles cause theyre really not worth seeing but this pretty much sums up their relationship. ghost tension

whoops wrong blog
Anonymous asked:

Do you take commissions?

AT THIS EXACT MOMENT NO because I need to finish a trade with someone. But once that’s done yeh I should be free to take on a little extra work! If you’re still interested just hit me up and let me know if you wanna wait until after I get this trade up n done.

꼭꼭 숨어라 머리카락 보인다
been having trouble doing anything complete lately but its ok im tired
sorry for the inactivity ive been busy doing work stuff so here’s a quick n dirty touhou thing bye
the queen is dead
lineplay avatar > Supatomo > RL-4827-6500
debts from the grave
sure smells like OC favoritism
quick portrait card for the about me page!